Various distance and online courses relevant to the insolvency and business rescue professions are available from local universities in 2021.

Courses are available at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), University of Pretoria (UP) and University of South Africa (UNISA) - see links or scroll down.

Please contact the relevant university directly with your enquiry.


University of Johannesburg

Short Learning Programme (SLP) in Business Rescue

[Updated Feb. 2022] Given the financial turmoil caused by the COVID-19 lockdown and the downgrades by rating agencies, the number of businesses experiencing financial difficulties is set to increase dramatically. The demand for trained and experienced business rescue practitioners is thus likely to continue rising. The Faculty of Law of the University of Johannesburg is now offering its short learning programme in business rescue in a fully online format.

This programme covers the scope and underlying principles of business rescue and thoroughly analyses the substantive law and procedure of the legal process. It also focuses on the practical implications of business rescue.

The programme is broken down into 4 modules and includes a range of interactive content, including live video lectures, case studies and access to various further educational resources. The programme is presented on the Blackboard e-Learning platform. There will be two assignments and one examination, all in online format.

The course leaders are Prof Kathleen van der Linde and Prof Juanitta Calitz.

Duration:  April - July 2022
Register by:  30 April 2022
Course Fees:  R15,440.00 (plus R1,000 levy for foreign students)
Enquiries: Esmeralde du Plessis
+27 11 559 4555

Online Course: Please visit the Law Short Coureses page on the UJ website.

Course Brochure: Please download the latest brochure for more information on the course modules and leaders.


University of Pretoria

Certified Rescue Analyst (CRA) Programme

[Updated January 2022] The Certified Rescue Analyst Programme will introduce you to the newly established rescue regime following amendments to the Companies Act 71 of 2008 with the aim to ultimately gain levels of competency and proficiency in preparation for the eventual qualification of certified business rescue practitioner. The programme, therefore, prepares you with the knowledge of all issues relevant to the business rescue practitioner through basic theory and practice examples.

During the programme, you will also gain the necessary skills to demonstrate your understanding of all the elements of, and relevant to, the tasks that are commonly executed by the business rescue practitioner. While managers who are faced with rescue situations can benefit from the programme, its purpose is to provide developmental steps towards qualifying as a CRP. 

The CRA Programme is an internationally recognised programme recognised by TMA International. TMA-SA considers successful completion of this programme in line with the South African accreditation/processes in collaboration with the CIPC.

The course will be presented as blended (more than one delivery mode: virtual and contact sessions).

Date: 07 March 2022
Course Fees: R31,600 (VAT incl.)
Enquiries: Getrude Hlungwani
+27 12 434 2569

Programme Information: Please visit the University of Pretoria's website.

Course Brochure: Please download the CRA brochure for more information.


University of Pretoria

MPhil Insolvency and Business Rescue

[Updated May 2021] The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Insolvency and Business Rescue degree programme is designed for professionals who want to attain an advanced degree while continuing to work for their respective organisations.

This unique master’s programme combines modules from business and law, making it the first cross-disciplinarity local degree of its kind and one of the few programmes addressing insolvency-related issues in South Africa.

The programme consists of coursework and a research article. The coursework part of the degree programme is offered during the first and second semester of the first year of study and the research article during the second semester.

Studying insolvency law with business rescue together will enable you to gain a detailed understanding of the legal, financial, economic and governance issues underpinning debt finance and recovery. You will also gain advanced knowledge of theoretical and practical issues guiding formal and informal debt restructuring procedures.

Duration: 1 year
Course Fees: Consult UP website
Course deadlines: Application: 31 March 2021.
Online registration: 31 May 2021.
Enquiries: Carto Swarts
+27 12 420 4271

Programme Information: Please visit the University of Pretoria's website.

Course Brochure: Please download the brochure for more information.


University of South Africa

Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice

[Updated Nov. 2021] The Advanced Short Course in Business Rescue Practice is a joint initiative between the Law Society of South Africa (LSSA) and the University of South Africa (UNISA).  Total credits: 12 Credits   |   NQF: Level 8

This online course will give you the necessary skills to act as a business rescue practitioner and fulfil your duties in accordance with the letter and spirit of the law. You will also be able to advise and protect the interests of your clients who may find themselves involved in business rescue proceedings as directors, creditors, shareholders or employees of a company in distress. After completing the online course, students will be able to:

  • Explain the concept and role of business rescue and the applicable principles of law.
  • Understand the statutory duties and obligations of business rescue practitioners.
  • Provide advice to attorneys, accountants and other professionals appointed as business rescue practitioners.

Students study online via Unisa’s online platform – myUnisa.

Duration: March to May 2022
Course Fees: From R8,380.00 to R10,700.00
Register by: 28 February 2022
Enquiries: Bettie Lubbe

Online Course: Please visit the course page on the LEAD website.

Course Brochure: Please download the brochure for detailed information and a fillable registration form.


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