From the Balcony...

The 2019 SARIPA Conference on Business Rescue and Insolvency was held in KwaZulu-Natal on 14-15 November in the beautiful Zimbali Resort.

Our thanks to everyone - sponsors, presenters and delegates - for a great Conference, filled with stimulating ideas, thought-provoking discussion and excellent networking opportunities. Without your enthusiastic participation, we could not have achieved our conference goals.

Just below this are a media statement from the SARIPA Chairperson detailing the Conference proceedings, as well as a compilation of 7 feedback reports by various "Young Blood" attendees:

  Post-Conference Media Statement

  YB Conference 2019 Feedback

Please enjoy the conference photographs that occupy the rest of this page...

2019 Conference Gallery

There are 200 photos in this gallery, so please be patient while they load if your line is slow.

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