Webinar Series 2024

SARIPA invites you to join us on 25 July 2024 at 12h30 for a fascinating and informative webinar entitled:

"Restructuring Regimes - A Journey Around the World"



•   R325 for SARIPA Members

•   R400 for all Non-Members


•   BRP = 1 pt


There are 3 steps to attending this webinar. Please be ready to make payment during the process.

•   Step 1: Sign-up with SARIPA (you will receive email confirmation).
•   Step 2: Pay your webinar fee - click the appropriate Pay button.
•   Step 3: Register on Zoom - you will be redirected after payment.



Restructuring Regimes - A Journey Around the World

Moderator: Jo Mitchell-Marais (SARIPA/Deloitte) South Africa

Panelists: José Carles (Carles|Cuesta) Spain, Nastascha Harduth (CDH) South Africa, Vruti Shah (Bowmans) Kenya, Amala Umeike (Stren & Blan) Nigeria, and Claire Winder (Deloitte) United Kingdom.




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