Representing the Under-40's

The SARIPA Young Bloods initiative was designed and established to take a leading role in the professional development of the younger members of SARIPA in the fields of business recovery, turnaround and insolvency.

The Young Bloods committees seek to facilitate the sharing of information and ideas amongst up-and-coming members and to nurture discussion, especially regarding issues that may be unique to young professionals in this field.

The YB initiative also networks with other professional bodies to encourage cooperation between stakeholders in a dynamic and challenging profession.

SARIPA Young Bloods



  Blaise Koetsie



  • Rikus Hartman
  • Blaise Koetsie (Regional Chairperson)
  • Kgolagano Maekane
  • Shikar Maharaj
  • Lerothodi Mohale
  • Aviwe Ndyamara
  • Joshua Pelkowitz
  • Kylene Weyers


  • Stephan de Vries (Regional Chairperson)
  • Kara Meiring
  • Dominique Pereira
  • Sandile Rens
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