Companies Tribunal Decision

July 2019

Herewith a decision of the Companies Tribunal handed down on 28 June 2019.

In short, Glodina Lifestyle and MM Tayob (BRP) brought an application against Glodina Towelling objecting to the use of “Glodina” in Towelling’s name on the basis that it is confusingly similar and in contravention of section 11 of the Companies Act.

Glodina Towelling brought a counter application in terms of section 11(2)(a), 11(2)(b) and 11(2)(c) of the Companies Act.

The two applications were consolidated and the Glodina Lifestyle/ Tayob application was dismissed with costs and the Glodina Towelling application was granted with costs. This decision was kindly provided by Ms. N Moonsamy of the IDC.

Please note that the last sentence of paragraph 19 incorrectly reflects the word Lifestyle instead of Towelling.

Companies Tribunal Decision