Invitation from SARS

27 July 2020

Dear Members

Below a notice received from Ms Karin Smit at SARS:

"It has been a standard practice that SARS provides key stakeholders with an opportunity to test the annually updated e@syFile Beta Build before the formal release to the market.

All online functions will be disabled during the testing phase in order to prevent inadvertent submission of test data into the production environment. This year the testing period will be held during 10 – 28 August 2020.

In this regard, we are again engaging you to enquire about you and your members’ participation for this year. Should you wish to, we kindly request that a single person please coordinate and consolidate your members’ feedback.

Once you had indicated your willingness to participate, you will be provided with a link in a follow-up letter at a later stage closer to the testing date,  which will allow you access to the testing site."

Members who wish to participate are requested to send their details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards
René Bekker