INSOL International Conference in London 26-28 June 2022

14 March 2022


It has been heartening to see the insolvency community remain united and engaged throughout the globally challenging scenarios encountered during the previous two years. We have learned to adapt at a pace we never believed would be possible prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. While virtual meetings and discussions have proven invaluable during these difficult times, we feel that now is the time to bring the community back together.

INSOL International is delighted to be hosting their next international conference in London in June 2022. As registrations and positive member feedback steadily come in, the INSOL community is clearly keen to get back together and yet again experience learning and networking opportunities only a face-to-face event can offer.

Click here to register for INSOL London 2022

Please take note that our members are entitled to a 30% discount when registering - click on INSOL Member and at Conference Registration click on Emerging Market Country.

INSOL London @022

Take care
René Bekker
Chief Operating Officer

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